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Featured Work

Trinity - Edinburgh

Our client desired an outdoor area that would complement their new oak-beamed extension. We selected high-quality, long-lasting materials to create a cohesive feel between the indoor and outdoor spaces.

Sleek granite pavers establish a sophisticated mood and flow between the new home addition and the garden. Handcrafted stone planters and reclaimed oak timbers offer texture while tying the look together.

Strategic lighting illuminates the garden at night, allowing the clients to enjoy this peaceful oasis even after dark. The result is a modern yet organic backyard retreat that will serve as an enjoyable extension of the home for years to come.

Royal Circus - Edinburgh 

This long, narrow garden required creative solutions to provide multifunctional spaces. The clients wanted dining and entertaining space, as well as a play area for their young child.

We chose durable grey granite pavers and rendered planters to define three separate "rooms" within their outdoor space. We opted for artificial grass due to the lack of sunlight in this garden, as well as the child-friendly appeal and low maintenance requirements of artificial grass. A series of anthracite beams created an illusion of depth.

Strategic lighting brightened the space and enhanced each zone. The result transcended the garden's limited dimensions, giving the family a welcoming outdoor extension of their home.

Hillside Crescent - Edinburgh 

Initially, a small, unusable garden, this project required creative solutions to transform it into a welcoming retreat. The clients sought a multifunctional area and a place where they could use the exterior of their house to display artwork while maintaining privacy.

We chose high-contrast materials for visual interest in the limited space. Mid-grey granite pavers anchored the space, while ebony granite-clad planters added texture. A floating bench provided additional seating, lit from below for ambiance. Pebbles transitioned between areas, with greenery added for pops of colour.

A slatted teak fence blocked views for seclusion, complementing the existing stone walls and home exterior.

Buckingham Terrace - Edinburgh 

Due to a 4.8m drop from the rear of the garden to the basement ground floor, Buckingham Terrace demanded an innovative approach.

Low-maintenance large porcelain tiles were used, along with floating wooden stairs to connect the upper and lower terraces. The upper lounge featured a glass roof and a 2-meter gas fireplace, creating an amazing atmosphere in the evenings when the clients entertained. We also built bespoke furnishings to complete the space.

The result is an all-season retreat that is a perfect garden for their purposes!

Inverleith Place - Edinburgh 

Our clients were a large family who required an ultra-minimalist space that also required minimal upkeep. Millboard decking extended the living areas, transitioning to an artificial grass play zone.


A small lounging patio offered space for quieter moments as well as a place to keep the children's toys. This patio was built from A-grade larch, harmonizing beautifully with the materials used for their home extension. Planting and lighting maintained clean lines for a sleek, contemporary feel.